The wine-making experience ..

We still use ancien concrete vats for the best preservation of wines. A battery of small steel tanks comes to complete the Cuverie.

Thank's to our storage capacity, we can well separate the plots of land, and benefit from a wide choice for "the assemblages"

The control of the maturation of the wines in barrels is of primary importance. We select our different coopers each year. The type of toasting varies according to the grape variety and its maturity.  The barrel must be in harmony with the fruit, not overpower it and annihilate the aromatic palette of the terroir. A crucial and highly sensitive choice.


The production of all the great red wines needs a double fermentation:  the alcoholic fermentation, a natural process of transformation of the sugars into alcohol, followed by the malolactic fermentation: a biological breakdown of the malic acid into lactic acid thanks to the lactic bacteria naturally present in the wine.