The vineyard

The vineyard extends over about thirty hectares on this magnificent Terroir, complex and perfect to create Great Wines. The different plots  produce  Great wines from Saint-Emilion Grand Cru and Saint-Emilion; also from Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux. 

Château La Croix d'Armens is classified as "High Environmental Value"(HEV) : a response to a major challenge for Nature : the highest level of a generalised scheme for the environmental certification of winegrowing estate.

We do not use any herbicide, work the soils, we sow green manure ...


An Exceptional Terroir 

The "Grand Terroir" is much more complex that we imagine...It's not only the soil, the ground, his natural capacity to drain, to retain humudity (limestone, clay), the different elements percentage which will give a warm or cold ground, rich or's also the orientation. A complex ground : gravel, clay, sand with unique undercoat called "Crasse de Fer", which gives to our Saint-Emilion wines their own style.

biodiversite 5.jpg

If it does exist through our different vintages uncountable nuances to be discovered, it seems that the elegance and finesse characterize our wines.