A  Family Story since 1869 and before ..




The older documents we found at home were dated 1869 even if we've heard about ancien family-wine stories but the documents were lost.. However, this bagan with Marie Augereau, then her daughter Marie Boutin, then her daughter Hortense with her husband Jean Brignet, thanks to their visionary thinking and their common passion for ground , nature and wine, that became a real Dynasty of winegrowers and winelovers. Madeleine, their daughter decided to continue the family story, a challenge laden with obstacles that she overcame brilliantly. You have to understand that at this time everything was difficult, there was no machine to help you on the plots, and the days began early on the morning to finish late when it gets dark.. Today, we do have reason for thanking Madeleine for displaying what the most emphatically been the patience of a saint and also an exceptional courage. Over time, the vineyard is restructured, the winemaking equipment are modernized. They have evolved the style of Château La Croix d'Armens wines and set the highest standards to give the quality and aromatic refinement, elegance and good fruit that we find on every bottled vintage.  Thus, the family Augereau, sixth and last generation continue to make and promote the wines of the Château. And most importantly, the continue to respect and safeguard the "terroir" of their ancestors.

So the story continues.....










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